160 Leroy Street

On April 22nd, 2019, Savannah released a development proposal for the site 160 Leroy Street in New York City. The proposal, called “The Dealbook” was presented to a panel of NYC developers and investors for critique and review.

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Executive Summary:

Ryder Homes is seeking investors for the development of the site 160 Leroy street in Manhattan, New York. The project, which will be Ryder Homes East Coast debut, is located between Leroy Street and Clarkson Street, will consist of a 6-story building with 74 luxury residential condominium units that will aid in addressing the fast-growing housing market in the area. The project will feature the most modern features and luxury amenities available for 24-hour use by its residents. This, along with breathtaking Hudson River views from each residence will make the project highly-desirable and competitive.

The development is coming available at a time where the demand for luxury condominiums in the neighborhood is at its peak. Therefore, it will be a safe investment and is expected to generate attractive returns of over 20% per annum over a 5-year investment period.

To see a brief financial overview of this opportunity, click the link below:

The Dealbook 1-Pager

To learn more or view the complete Dealbook, click on the link below:


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