Savannah is a real estate development professional that currently resides in New York, New York with her Cocker Spaniel, Hallie.

Savannah attended college in the Midwest at the University of Notre Dame where she was a Division 1 athlete and served as coxswain for the Women’s Rowing Team. At Notre Dame, she studied business and obtained a BBA in marketing. She then moved to New York City to complete two Master’s degrees at Columbia University in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development.

The daughter of a Northern California and Northern Nevada developer, Savannah has a special interest in the planning and development issues of the San Francisco Bay Area. She aimed much of her graduate level planning research on these topics and considers herself a specialist on the San Francisco home ownership crisis and the role that Silicon Valley tech companies have played in affordability issues for middle class residents.

A San Francisco turned New Yorker, Savannah loves everything NYC has to offer. Her capstone project at Columbia was a proposal for the development of 160 Leroy Street in Manhattan. In her spare time, you can find her practicing the harp and piano and attending Broadway shows in Times Square.